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Over the past decade, SISCO has evolved from a mare software developer in the Sierra Leone ICT industry to a leading provider of web technologies to executive/high profile home clients to corporate institutions all over Sierra Leone.

SISCO is a registered Internet Service Provider headquartered in Freetown with more than 30 employees across the fourteen districts of Sierra Leone. 

The exponential growth of connected devices, emergence of social media, analytics, and cloud computing (SMAC) are all resulting in a major transition in the way enterprises engage with technology. Both developed and emerging economies are looking to innovation in technology. 

As a key enabler of information and communication technologies to global standards, SISCO has led from the front in ensuring a robust digital ecosystem that is equipped for the future - With the infrastructure that can cope with customers’ demands of intelligence, scalability and flex.

Our strategic portfolios are responsive to changing business needs. SISCO’s enhanced business strategy has the consumer’s requirements, trends and movements at the heart of everything it does. We seek to create an open infrastructure, partner ecosystem and platform that is fit for business and delivers that ‘just works’ experience, whilst retaining the transparency, flexibility and control that is required to safeguard and enhance our organisations’ customer experience and brand reputation.  

SISCO’s services portfolio includes predictable high-speed connections and global MPLS virtual private networks, Telepresence services, content delivery networks and cloud offerings.  SISCO offers customised network solutions for customers in key markets – including verticals like manufacturing, oil and gas, banking, financial services and insurance, and media and entertainment – offering our customers speed, quality and unparalleled network reach.




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AFR-IX telecom is our European Partner