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SISCO helps your company to be connected

SISCO is not just an Internet Service Provider company that provides IP services to Corporations and SMBs in Sierra Leone: SISCO is your partner that looks after your communications and advises you with the most suitable option.
SISCO is committed to developing high quality Access Networks to spread Radio and Fibre coverage in the country, and delivering First Class and Innovative services as we are aware of the needs and high requirements of clients.
SISCO's European partner has more than 25 years of experience after working with the main telcos; 
Above all, SISCO is going to be the reference ISP in the Corporate segment.

Our High Quality and reliable services



The SISCO DIA service provides access to the Internet with the highest performance and the highest quality in Sierra Leone. We will build a high-speed and high-availability access to the Internet through the most cost- effective option (radio or fibre).



The SISCO MPLS service provides connectivity between your sites with a wide variety of solutions according to your needs. SISCO is the best option to carry your mission-critical data: sensitive financial data, confidential information, corporate applications, critical information backups, VoIP traffic and so on.


Broadband VIP

The SISCO Broadband VIP service provides the highest quality home Internet access through Wi-fi. We will build high-speed and high-availability access to the Internet through the most cost- effective option (radio or fibre).



SISCObox provides a platform to Telcos and ISPs to offer Internet Value Added services to your users, including domains, web hosting, email hosting and SSL certificates. Find more at



Managed services

SISCO provides fully MANAGED SERVICES to operators and global companies. We take full advantage of our Cisco Certified Engineers’ knowledge and our extensive experience with many telecom operators.

Our Technology European Partners

AFR-IX Telecom field engineers are dedicated to assisting and developing network solutions on the ground. They actively hire local engineers CCNP certified.
Ultimately, it’s what Clients have to say that counts. AFR-IX Telecom satisfied Clients belongs to many segments: Tier 1 carriers (like PCCW Global, Telefonica or Internet Solutions) and local companies (like Sierra Leone’s SALCAB) or corporates (like Ecobank) or tourism (like Cabenda Hotel).
We appreciate the strong predicaments facing all organization. Our SLA gives you peace of mind whilst our NOC 24x7 service supported by AFR-IX Telecom.